What Was Was Once Wonderful

by The Ocean Floor

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These are songs that have been misplaced along the way. I haven't used an acoustic guitar to write a song in a very long time, but some stories are best told with a guitar a voice and maybe a friend. Here are some long lost Ocean Floor songs you may or may not remember. Some of these were written as far back as 2005.


released August 29, 2014



Track Name: A Life Has An End
found a dead crow in the street
i assumed it had died in vain
kept my eyes out for a friend to return
to the scene of the crime "damn the rain"
trusty first mate proved to be
a bird first, second a friend
wrapped it up like a gift in the news
and believed that a life has an end

awakened in the night
thought it over then went downstairs
my dream fathered a vision
of the crows heart, mosquito's lair

stand at your doorstep, call my name
it's Lane, speak up
I found your friend you meddling crow
so and so, please just go
Track Name: To Remember To
What are your smiling eyes collecting?
mirrors of the sun reflecting it's projections
and what your folks adore and boast of
will grow your children tall and most of
the stories that you tell will spell my love

bridges may collapse and soak you
autumn's piles of leaves may provoke you
to feel blue
and bugs you'll never know will fracture
they will decompose in loving rapture
but they won't say a word when thanking you
and I will do my best to remember to

I'll sing you every song with the intention
you'll tape record the tune and mention
my inventions aren't all fiction
and tell to those you teach
fair warning -
you'll never have a night without a morning

go back to sleep my dear
put your head on my arm
for if I can't be near
I'll keep you from harm my dear

I may journey long
where feathers could grow on trees
but know I will stay warm
a fire deep inside a freeze
Track Name: What's The Holdup?
there will lie a few to many lies
if you decide to let that one just lie
your fortune says your path will lay
at the bottom of a river
I hope you decide to change your mind
and swim there if you dare

love won't hold your face up
I'm sure that it will dry up
outer space won't hold my face up
your face won't hold your smile up

scratch, scratch, scratchin' in the attic
"are they rats or ghosts?"
midnight snack for them, not me
is scaring me the most
but I lay there, my back's bare
and I let them make their minds up
and see where I will wind up
they nibble then they let up
and show me to their set up
my house is not my home now
I stepped out of the "grand show"
performing for my audience
that says I taste like peppermints

close the curtains face the back
stage right, stage wrong,
stage through the cracks
flashlights become dental lights
as they perform cannonball flights

it's exciting when they say goodnight.
Track Name: The Flat At The End Of The Hall
My love, I don't have very good reasons
to doubt your existence but somehow I do this
and I'm not afraid to tell you to your face
moon in the morning, sun in the evening
when you lie in the rain, your shape on the sidewalk
less forever, more that you had a place

some cherry petals are rolling stones
bound for boundless space
but some get caught in puddles
to be lily pads for sugar ants

now I can remember when I first met you
the tricks that you played left the room vacant six years
they all warned of the flat at the end of the hall
someone had died there, froze in the winter
no body was left and no one could remember
your last name and you hadn't a friend to call

when you woke me with a fright, alright
I was glad that I didn't fight
and we started sharing horror stories
that lasted 'till the night
and it hit me when you finally flew away
why you stayed
for so long, so long, so long
so long, so long, so long
it was for a "so long"
so long, so long, so long
well... so long, so long, so long.
Track Name: What Was Was Once Wonderful
once again half the sky's filled with bruise colored clouds
and the other half with baby blue and sun
there was a time and I swear we were sayin'
all we were was fun
and I'll look back on today
and I'll swear I was having fun

I've been growing faded memories
they bear fruit
and I harvest them with ease
I'm not the only one who's felt the need
for controlled fires over areas of greed
I've been growing faded memories
on a vine
and I pluck what's in front of me
I climb up on the ladder just to see
through the fog
and the tears fall to my feet

and I fox I am not
but I triggered the trap
and the waiting for dawn
and the dragon's first snap
will be quick as a flash
if I only could doze
but I felt myself dripping and sizzling
slowly I started to roast
it was then that I grasped the illusion of time
but illusions are real
as are all of our minds
and the song that I sang
was a needle and thread
connecting illusions
and visions of using
the thoughts that are lost in my head

and this is a song
and it won't be a hit
but I'm thankful to be playing it
for all of the seasons fit
there will come a time
when we'll all lose our voice
and we'll forfeit the familiar ways to rejoice
I'll then hope to learn another noise

and we'll sing through our ears
and we'll hopscotch the years
and we'll never have a need to keep our conscience clear
for we never took sides and we drank every last drop of beer

we'll remember the night
when we guessed it all right
and we wanted to learn but we didn't wanna learn how to fight
but oh, to look back, what a vivid and colorful sight!
Track Name: A Father's Advice (Demo)
the wind can make even shadows blow
so watch what sweeps your feet
the moon can make any lady know
if your heart means to cheat
I know you're grown and so you know...

you'll never find out who'll be true
not even with a ring
but blindly trust like puppies do
allow your song to sing
for when you give up on someone...

and never ask for someone's love
it is the greatest gift
don't validate why it should come
it's rather like a swift
for when it sings and flies away...