The Ocean Floor & Tele V. Cheeseburger Split

by The Ocean Floor

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The three songs contributed address and deal with loss in three different ways. This batch definitely has a much more simple, immediate feel to them. The Ocean Floor toured the East coast with Tele V. Cheeseburger and Ryland Bouchard in support of this release. Tele's tracks are available from his website -


released November 25, 2008

Lane Barrington with help from Shannon Rose Steele, Brandon Laws, and Richard Laws



Track Name: All Along
It was the first of September, or the end of March, oh I don't know but the thing I can't forget was when we kissed under the golden arch
And your armhairs stood up on end but your braids had turned to messy knots and you placed your arms around me and tried to sooth my worried thoughts
And you almost had convinced me that our teenage love was safe and sound, stretched for miles and for years, hovering between two distant towns
but i got out of your car and knew I'd only heard your greatest speech, for the moistness of your eyes placed our hearts just out of reach

oh, we were wrong, all along
the sweetest songs never last long

When you spoke at the assembly, you screamed, "Go Cats!" and i was touched, you were my elder and loved by all but it surprised me just how much I'd fall
I impressed my friend and sent a note past quarterbacks in the midst of fights, asking for the honor of a flashlight picnic friday night

oh, i promised you i wouldn't mind
leaving no trace your friends could find

if i could have known, oh, your favorite sport was casually "slumming it,"
my heart would be my own and I'd call the tune just as soon as humming it

but oh, you we wrong, all along
still whistling my favorite song
oh, the sweetest tune appeared too soon
Track Name: Everything Doesn't Necessarily Always End Up turning Out the Way You Want It
Everything doesn't necessarily always end up turning out the way you want it,
but I hope when I see where I should be and I'm not there I'll tilt my head so I'm looking down from floating above it.
You'll probably never feel as cool as you thought you were when you were twenty-one,
you're also probably not the astronaut you'd hoped you'd be when you were in space camp in 1991.
But it's not so bad, you didn't work all day and a funny idea came you way, and it left you with an open mouth sayin' all the things you never thought you'd say.

Everything hasn't necessarily ended up the way I'd visualized,
but like a child, I close my eyes and I pretend that it's all lies to keep from ruining the world's greatest surprise.
It'll be a while before I can take my own advice so how can I blame you?
When you swear you're still sleepin' I'm pretty sure you're sprinting topless through the city zoo.

And how can I prove that I'm not dreaming you're that raging party I'm headed to?
You ask me if our doubts will either dine on us or help to see us through.
And I shout to who I'm not convinced is you that I was wondering that too!

From the day you tasted birthday cake, till your lover's tears spill at your wake, leaves will fall from trees that quake.
What worries me that no one knows, is the chance you leave before you get what I feel you're owed, but who needs a pot of gold when the trails a rainbow?!
so let's spit in our palms and shake our fears away, and not worry when, "I miss you's" turn to simple "hey's"
and put down the phone when there's nothing left to say!
Oh, everything doesn't necessarily always end up turning out the way you want it, but when sadness takes off after you, i want you to live to outrun it...
Please, please, please, please, please!
Track Name: Ring Around The Moon
Seriously, it's cool, I never wanted to marry you.
But that doesn't mean in any way, I wasn't impressed when you threw your fishnet stockings away,
and gave your skinny legs to the cold and to the sea,
and then you let them share with me, the you I'd never known and still don't know,
the stringbean that made the garden grow,
and now, thanks be to you, this old song I know...

that if you see a ring around the moon
don't close your eyes or you might sleep
'till noon and miss the major peeps
the sky is high and so you could be soon
don't look away from the ring around the moon inside the sky above the you!

and if you see the sunrise shine the sky
don't be afraid of going blind
gaze lazily until you find
the colors that might hurt your little eyes
they live inside your smile so wide under the sun the only one in the sky

they say live everyday like it's your last
which i do believe
but what i can't conceive
is just the thing i need
it's looking back upon the day that passed
and having no desire to go back in time and make that moment last!